Brax finished her last treatment for the 1st half of DI this Tuesday. She’s back on steroids this week and those throw her off a bit, but otherwise doing well. Her counts are starting to trend down which is expected and anticipated during this phase, so we have be careful around crowds and making sure we are washing hands and being extra cautious for the next few weeks. It’s a bummer to get knocked back down after feeling really good for so many weeks, but it’s all part of the end goal and we are in the home stretch. Thanks to everyone for the constant and continued love, prayers and support.

Brax getting her last treatment of Doxo on Tuesday (aka The Red Devil)

Also, TeamBrax is challenging everyone to a handstand, starting now until next Friday, 8/23. $1 will be donated for each social media LIKE up to $500. The top handstand will receive a $100 Fandango GC and UNRL Original Tee. There will also be Tee’s for 2nd & 3rd. The remaining $ will be donated to Brax’s new TB1Fund. More details on that to follow as we finalize it. We will be reaching out to anyone and everyone to help raise $$ to be used to support Brax’s causes at Masonic.

Here’s mine below.  Reply with yours on Twitter or DM Instagram!  Good luck!  #handstandchallenge #HandstandUp2Cancer 


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