Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Leukemia, specifically Accute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)?

What is your exact diagnosis?

B-Cell Accute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (B-Cell ALL)

What hospital are you at?

University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital

Who are your doctors?

[Relapse] My Primary Oncologist is Dr. Lucie Turcotte. I met her during my initial diagnosis and she is great!

My Nurse Practitioner is Lexi Maciej. She is awesome!

I have the BEST team!

[Initial Diagnosis] My Primary Oncologist is Dr. Karim Sadak. He is the team lead and I really like him.

My fellow is Dr. Megan Hilgers. We have seen her from the start and I really like her.

My Nurse Practitioner is Melissa Claar. She will handle most of my Thursday appointments. She’s great as well.

What does treatment look like (Initial)?

[Relapse] Treatment is similar to initial diagnosis, but some differences and some different drugs. The timeline is about the same, being over 2 years which stinks, but I don’t get a choice.

[Initial] Currently, I’m in the 1st phase or Induction Phase which lasts for 4 weeks. At the end of the 4 weeks I will have another bone marrow biopsy to see how the chemo is responding and an updated schedule will be given at that time. Please send your prayers that treatment is effective and we continue to move forward after the Induction Phase.

Will you be inpatient or outpatient?

[Relapse] It’s a mix of in and outpatient. Relapse has been harder and I’ve spent more nights in the hospital so far, but most of treatment should be outpatient.

[Initial] Once they discharge me (hopefully Monday, February 4) I will come back on Tuesday for labs and transfusions (if needed) and then come back on Thursdays for treatment.

Will you lose your hair?

Yes, I will lose my hair, but I don’t care. I’m looking forward to my new Love Your Mellon hats 🙂

Will you be able to go to school and practice?

[Relapse] I’m doing school online which has been a nice option to help me keep up in my core subjects. I hope to get back as soon as I can, but it will be a bit still. I’m not able to practice at all right now, but I am able to work out a little and do PT. After the initial diagnosis, getting back was extremely hard and this time will most likely be even harder. I’ll always be involved, but at what capacity is yet to be determined. It’s hard.

[Initial] Yes, eventually, but this 1st month while I’m going thru intensive treatment I will be staying at home and will be limiting visitors as it’s very important for me to stay healthy. After the Induction Phase and if I’m feeling good (which I hope to be) and my counts are up (which I hope they are), I can start going back to school on a limited basis and go to practice, but probably more to “coach” then practice.

Is cancer contagious?


Do you get sick from your chemo?

Yes, but thankfully I have never got very sick. I get more tired than I do sick.

Are you going to be OK?

YES!! I got this!!

I’ve got a question, who can I ask?

You bet. Ask my mom or dad and they can let me know and I’ll add it to this page or DM me on instagram @teambrax1 and i’ll answer it!

Erin (Mom) – [email protected]

Dan (Dad) – [email protected]

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