Fall/Winter 2023 – One Year Down & One Year to Go!

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Hard to believe it is already December! Brax had a really good fall overall. She started and completed her last round of immunotherapy and has now moved into the second and final year of treatment. She is set to complete her relapse treatment on November 15, 2024….less than a year to go!

Brax has been busy with school at home and going to different sporting events. She went to several Gopher football games, UMD vs UofM hockey, and a Timberwolves game. She is looking forward to gymnastics meets starting up again soon as well. Brax has been able to visit her friends and coaches at TCT and it has been really nice to get back in the gym. She is excited to watch the Twisters & Gophers this winter since she was inpatient for a majority of their seasons last winter – 99 days inpatient for relapse treatment so far to be exact. Brax was very excited to have the honor of hosting Floyd of Rosedale (the rivalry trophy between MN & Iowa for football) for a day. She went to the hospital, UNRL, BMW of Minnetonka, Westwood Intermediate & Middle School, and ended with a happy hour at the Butcher and the Boar. 

Brax has also had several TB1F events/programming this fall. TB1F launched a new program with the Rebound Club to give patients and families a VIP experience at MN Timberwolves games. Another new program that has been a huge hit at the hospital has been Music Mondays. Our friends at GenNOW have been able to come into the Zucker Broadcast Studio to showcase and share their DJ talents. It all ends with an awesome song request mash up dance party. We had another TB1F Sibling Day and hosted the movie Trolls 3. Braxton’s Buddies is here for a second year of giving patients & families a VIP experience for MN Vikings games. We have extended our Gopher offering to not only football, but also gymnastics, hockey, and basketball this year. Brax is so excited for the new TB1F Rehab space to open at Masonic in 2024. This space and legacy project is so important to Brax and she can’t wait to see this finished product and for patients to get to use this space to get stronger and feel better both physically & mentally. Finally, we want to thank everyone who donated to “Give to the Brax” this November and an extra special thank you to Carousel Motor Group for matching donations. TB1F was able to raise over $28,000 to support Brax’s programming for patients & families at M Health Masonic Children’s Hospital.

Brax was able to celebrate several birthdays for family & friends this fall in person compared to last fall while inpatient. We also welcomed a new baby Battaglia cousin Emmett. We can’t wait to plan a trip to Arizona to hopefully meet him soon. Brax celebrated her 14th birthday at the end of November. Her birthday usually always falls over the Thanksgiving break so she ends up with a 4 day celebration most years. Last year she was inpatient for her birthday so she was very thankful to be able to celebrate with friends, family, food and football this year. It is crazy to think she started her battle with cancer just shortly after turning 9 and will continue fighting until 10 days before turning 15. She has missed out on so much but has also developed a unique perspective on life that is wise beyond her years. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! We have lots of exciting things coming in 2024!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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