Visit with Coach Fleck – Keep On Rowing!!

Today was a big day. Brax had a great visit today with Coach Fleck. He and Nick (Development Officer, Children’s Health) stopped by to visit and drop off some SWAG. Coach Fleck commented on Brax’s U of M Gymnastics jacket right away and said Coach Hansen may have got him on the apparel (hahaha!), but he did bring one of his signature Oars signed by the team along with a bunch of other goodies…no one is complaining!! Coach Fleck hung around and visited for about 30 minutes and what you see is what you get – he’s got ENERGY – it’ real! He had a lot of good advice and encouragement for Brax and we can’t thank him enough for taking time out of his schedule to come visit. One of the most special things he gave Brax was the Captain’s Coin. He said there are only about 25 of these coins in world and having one of these makes Brax part of Coach Flecks “family”. He also said it entitles her to ask for anything she wants from Coach Fleck and he will try to make it happen, whether it be at the hospital, around campus or with the team. She’s planning to take him up in it!

The U of M Athletics have been great to Brax in her journey and we can’t thank them enough for keeping Brax upbeat and positive. Athletics, in general, are such a big part of our family’s life that we truly appreciate the love and support from all the awesome athletes and coaches that have reached out to provide prayers, support and encouragement.

Let’s have a little fun with Coach Fleck and Coach Hansen.

What sport is more challenging?

UPDATE: Olive Garden sponsored dinner at the Hospital tonight and Brax has been craving it – it didn’t disappoint. DELICIOUS!

Brax before Coach Fleck arrived – having a very good morning.
Coach Fleck with Brax and Signed Oar – so cool!
Coach Fleck, Brax, Mom & Dad.
Captain’s Coin
Brax and her U of M SWAG
Brax getting her Olive Garden fix!

FYI – if you look close or zoom in you can see Brax has a great view of downtown and US Bank Stadium. She also gets killer sunsets on this side of the hospital.
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2 Replies to “Visit with Coach Fleck – Keep On Rowing!!”

  1. Wow! Looks like a fun day. Jack wants me to tell you it is “so cool” that you got to hang out with Coach Fleck. And all that U of M gear is pretty awesome too!! Keep up the great work, we are all thinking about you.

  2. Hi Braxton!
    Looks like you had a great day with an awesome visitor. Maddie is always asking about you and I show her all of your fun posts. She wants you to know she misses you a whole lot and can’t wait to see you again. Keep fighting and know you and your family are in our prayers.

    Maddie and the Rehman family

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