Lazy Day

Brax was feeling better today and did a great job eating and getting fluids in. Her last chemo session this past Sunday was a long one (longest yet and longest she will have during the Induction Phase) and knocked her down pretty good (very tired, but otherwise good). Vinny was called in today to do some doctoring and everything checked out good.

Tomorrow will be a long day. She has 3 consecutive treatments – (1) IT treatment (she will be put to sleep for this) and then (2) IV treatments following that. This will be her normal schedule going forward for the next few weeks. She has already had both the IV treatments and did very well. The IT treatment will be using Methotrexate. She was on that previously for her JIA and responded well, so we are hopeful tomorrow goes smoothly and she can get back home to recover for a week.

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  1. Vinny has to wear a mask!!! He’s such a good boy and he loves his Braxton so much ❤️❤️

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