Brax got discharged today! She’s still pretty tired after her chemo from yesterday and the doctors have told us that will be pretty normal after treatments. We are hoping she bounces back a bit tomorrow. But overall the doctors are happy with everything so far and she’s right where she should be at this point in time.

I got this!!

Also, we got a call from Coach Fleck today. Dr. Sadak mentioned we were big football fans and got the ball rolling. Brax was excited to hear his message (message posted on Fun Stuff page) and he’s set some time up to meet her at one of her lab appointments on February 19th.

Nothing for the next couple of days now – going to try to get her on her “new” normal now that we are home. Our next appt is on Thursday and she will have 3 more rounds of treatment. One intrathecal (IT) in the spine (she will be put to sleep for that) and then two more IV treatments after that. It will be another big day.

Thanks again to everyone for the calls/texts/cards. It’s means a lot and we are very blessed to have a great network of family and friends.

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6 Replies to “Discharged!!”

  1. I love you so much my Braxy cat. Praying for you every day. I don’t know a stronger girl than you. You get that from your Grandma!

  2. Hi Braxton. I hear you are feeling a bit better today and that makes us so happy! You are amazing – you are so strong. We love you!
    Jean and Joe

  3. Glad to hear you are having a better day. We love an am praying for you everyday. When you are able to come to our house again you can bet we will have blueberries for you
    Great uncle Cy an Great aunt Audrey

  4. Hi Braxton!
    We are hoping you are feeling a little better today. We are so proud of how strong you are. You are one amazing girl! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!
    You got this!

    Courtney and Andrew

  5. Braxy you’re such a strong girl!! So happy you are feeling a little better and you get to go home!!! We love you so much! You got this!!
    ❤️ The Otterblads

  6. Hi Braxton, this is Kellie’s friend, Taryn. Wanted you to know that we are sending lots of prayers and love your way from Arizona! You’ve got this, kiddo!!!

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