Holy Hairdo Batman!

Brax had another good day. No big news to report, except that her hair is starting to go fast now! She doesn’t care about her hair and hasn’t since she knew she would be losing it. She’s more interested in what she’s going to look like with no hair. She’s taking everything in stride and kicking butt doing it.

A few pics of the ‘do below. It’s pretty gnarly right now and every time it’s combed out she loses more and more. Today we set some records! We don’t anticipate there being much of anything left soon. This is where all of those hats are coming in HUGE!

What a mess! We don’t even know how this happens.
Her BIG Elsa braid…..ha! She still has a sense of humor thank goodness.
After her comb out – it’s going fast. We are thinking about bagging it up and telling Brylee it’s cotton candy, but she may actually try to eat it – funny and not funny! If you know Brylee you know how true it is.
A little chillaxing on her iPad.

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One Reply to “Holy Hairdo Batman!”

  1. You are strong.
    You are beautiful.
    You are precious.
    You got this Braxton!,
    (still cheering for a B)
    Sending prayers and hugs to all
    Love ya?

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