Big Week, Big Check, Lil’ Sis

The last couple of weeks have flown by and Brax has been feeling the best she has in months. Her Team said for most kids this 2 month of phase of treatment, even though part of it is spent as in-patient, feel really good, both in and out of the hospital. So far that has been the case. We all experienced what it was like the last 10 days or so to have our “old” Brax back. She’s been doing everything she was used to doing, including getting snappy with Bry and her parents which tells us she is feeling good.

This week was the start of our 2nd of 4 treatments in this phase (Interim Maintenance I). She still has to make counts before each treatment, so we checked in at the clinic for blood work on Tuesday AM.

The big news Tuesday was Brax being able to present her Love Your Mellon Fundraiser money to the hospital. It was a very fun day for all of Team Brax. Thanks to TCT and everyone that purchased hats and gave donations, we were able to present a check to the U of M Foundation for $3000!!! Brax asked that it go toward Child Family Life, which is a group in the hospital and clinic that helps the kids in every aspect of daily life, whether that be in the operating or hospital rooms during procedures or keeping things fun with activities and games during your stays. Everyone we have encountered has been phenomenal!

Brax’s Care Team – Dr. Sadak, Dr. Hilgers & Melissa. Thank you!!
Brax & Shannon (Child Family Life – Unit 5)
Brax & Coach Kim (TCT)! Thanks Kim!
The Fam!

After her check signing Tuesday morning, we had labs drawn and things looked EXCELLENT!

Her numbers across the board were as good as they have been in 6+ months. Her ANC was a whopping 2.20. Low end of Normal is 1.3. We were thrilled. This is the highest her ANC has been since last August.

After labs, we just walked over to the hospital and checked in. The process & people are very familiar now and everything went smoothly. Her 24-hour chemo started late Tuesday night and ran thru Wednesday evening. Everything went very well again and Brax was feeling very good.

Thursday was another a big day as lil’ sis Bry finally got to come and spend the night with Brax. We have never seen a kid so excited to come and spend a night in the hospital, but then again, we have never seen a kid quite like Bry…..she’s a unique one!

Bry getting ready to call it a night!

Today the girls got up and Brax’s nurse Josie hooked Bry up with some wheels and they both hit the halls riding. Bry can ride a normal bike, but for the life of her couldn’t get the hang of 3-wheeler – go figure. At one point she even ran into a doctor in the hall, while Brax is riding and pulling her pole at same time.

The ladies and their bikes cruising Unit 5.

After getting warmed up from their morning ride, they were back in the room for a little yoga! Kyle Rudolph’s End Zone had morning yoga, but only for kiddos 8 and up so Bry just missed the cut, but they broadcast to all the rooms in the hospital so they did their yoga in the room on their tri-fold mat (aka Bry’s bed).

After the ladies invigorating morning yoga session they went down stairs to grab smoothies. Nothing like a cold smoothie after a hot yoga class.

And the day was just getting started!! Grandma & Grandpa B, Alaina, and cousin Beckam all showed up to visit for awhile. Brax & Bry love baby Beckam so it was exciting that he was able to stop by for a bit.

Brax, Beck & Bry! Quite the crew!

After visiting for awhile, the girls went back down stairs to the Zucker Studio. This area of the hospital is provided by Jason Zucker of the Wild and this is where all the daily happenings and kids’ news is filmed. The girls had a fun time touring and playing with the green screen.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out. Brax has one more night and should be discharged Saturday AM. We were hoping for today, but due to chemo starting so late on Tuesday it made getting out today a bit of stretch.

All in all another very good treatment and half way thru Interim Maintenance I with no issues and feeling GREAT! We still have a ways to go, but every day is one day closer.

Thanks again to everyone for all the continued help, support and prayers. It makes all of this so much easier for Team Brax.

Her next treatment is set to start on June 25th. Brax also has some very exciting stuff coming up, but we will wait to share those details until we know more.

Also, a bit of fun news! TCT was name the “2019 JO Program of the Year” by USA Gymnastics. Awesome honor!! Congrats TCT!! #TCTProud

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