Brax has had a great week+ while out of the hospital and is feeling awesome! If you ask her how she’s feeling, she has been consistently in the 90%’s and there was one day she said she felt 100%. It’s great to see her doing and feeling so well and we are hopeful the next 3-4 weeks will be more of the same.

This last week she has been doing pretty much everything she would be doing if she were not going through treatment. Playing outside, riding her bike, working out and she has even been to the gym a couple times to work out. Check out the videos below.

Where’s Waldo Brylee?

Tomorrow Brax has fun day planned. Check back for updates.

Then on Tuesday, she heads back to the hospital for another LP and chemo. She will be in from Tuesday to Friday or Saturday. We are hoping we can get out Friday if they can get everything moving along early enough on Tuesday.

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  1. Way to go Brax! So happy to hear you are feeling so well and are able to get out & about. Looks like you are still as strong as every climbing that rope.

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