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Today was another good day. Brax met with her care team today a number of times to discuss how things are going and how she is feeling. We got some more info back on the CSF and even though it’s at 0, there are still a few blasts and they really want to see those gone, as do we all. So, this Thursday during her IT treatment they are going to throw two more drugs into the chemo-cocktail in hopes of destroying what little is left. And, again, it may already be gone as results are always a week behind treatments as they draw the fluid before they treat it. But since Brax has been handling things so well I don’t think they want to delay things a week and would rather do this now and be as aggressive as able. Thursday will be a big day with the added chemo and the bone marrow biopsy. They are saying we most likely will not have those results back until Monday. They will share whatever preliminary results come through per normal, but final results they are not expecting until Monday. After that we will fall into one of three categories – (1) Leukemia is completely gone (ideal but doesn’t always happen), (2) some Leukemia left at which point they address based on where and how much, or (3) current treatment not working as desired and will need to explore other avenues. We of course are praying for #1, but we are going to deal with whatever is thrown at us and continue to FIGHT!

Brax got out and about again today and is keeping herself FIT! She had another PT session today and things are going very well considering everything she’s going through. One funny thing, they had her try to jump the other day and that was a real show. I’m not sure her toes came more than 1/2″ off the ground….we all just laugh (and you all would too if you actually saw it). She’s been a good sport throughout all of this and even with a few defiant moments here and there she always ends up doing what needs to get done to give herself the best shot of a FAST and FULL recovery. She continues to amaze everyone everyday!

Brax showing off her flexibility! Her legs are still weak, but getting stronger everyday. If she will let us post a video of her “trying” to jump it will make everyone smile – our guess is she may be too proud to let something like that leak out. No hair – no big deal. Loss of some athletic ability – BIG deal! HA!!

Also, some very exciting news in regards to a request from Mariah @ triplefull to do an edit of Brax. Check it out below. This is very cool and already has over 4000 views on Mariah’s Instagram @ triplefull. Thanks so much to Mariah and Sandy McCallum for doing this. It’s AWESOME!

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  1. The kids said “Braxton is basically famous with that many views on Instagram”!

    Congratulations, Brax – you are now a celebrity!

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