Port Access by Brax (video)

The U of M Oncology floor gives their patients a stuffed bear and all the tools/supplies to help the kiddos understand what a port is and how it works. In the post yesterday, we mentioned Brax was having her port accessed for the 1st time since leaving the hospital (basically putting the needle back into her chest to allow universal access for both blood draws and IV treatments/medications – much nicer/easier than being stuck every time – OUCH!)

Brax wanted to share a video detailing the procedure. Enjoy!

NO FUN!! The port is now used for blood draws and IV/Meds – saving her arm from this.
Brax performing a port access on her patient.
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  1. Hi Braxton,
    Joe and I watched your video explaining the port. You did a great job on it, we learned quite a bit from you. We were also happy to see you and how good you look. You are right – you got this!
    We love you!
    Jean and Joe

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