*** Interim Maintenance I – COMPLETE!! ***

Brax had another great week. Her last round of Interim Maintenance I wrapped up Saturday and this phase was VERY good. Brax felt good both in and out of the hospital this phase, which was nice for every one, especially her. She has about two weeks of NOTHING now and then will go back and start Delayed Intesification on July 30th, which is essentially Induction and Consolidation repeated. She will get hit pretty hard again, but she will be going into it this time so much stronger than she was in January. We anticipate it will knock her down, but we are hopeful not as bad. Everyday is one day closer to the end and we are all excited to get through August and September.

Below are some shots from this past week. We have no more scheduled inpatient stays now, so this could be her very last stay at the U. Of course a fever will always land us a 48hr stay, but we are hopeful she has spent her last night here.

Brax checking out on Saturday AM. Our last scheduled inpatient stay of her whole treatment.
Brax & Bry doing artwork in the Endzone.
Brax shooting the daily morning news on Thursday with Shannon from Child Family Life in the Zucker Studio. The space is very cool.
….and what it looks like on TV. This is broadcast throughout the hospital in all the rooms.
Friday was Yoga and they asked Brax to help lead the session
Saturday morning celebrating with one of Brax’s Nursing Assitants, Emma. Brax and Emma really hit it off from Day 1 and became good buddies #EmmaRocks. Also, Emma shared some BIG news with us on Saturday as well…..she was accepted to nursing school at the U and will start this fall. CONGRATS!!
One more box checked and one more real intense one to go.

Thanks again to everyone for all the prayers and support. These past 5-6 months have gone very fast and very good, all considering.

Brax is doing great and has the right mindset and support to continue kicking cancer’s butt.


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