#GolfThatMatters | #3MOpen

Brax felt great again this week and was very busy again.

The big part of this week was the 3M Open PGA event. 3M chose the U of M Masonic Children’s Hospital as one their three big charity partners and asked Brax to shoot a media ad with Kyle & Jason. She had a blast! Check out the photo’s and videos below and on the Fun Stuff page.

Brax inside the 3M Social Hub.
Brax & Bry doing the morning news segment for ZTV that broadcasts to all the rooms at the U of M Masonic Children’s Hospital.
The social media ad 3M shot during the ProAM day of the 3M Open.
Part of the shoot.
Brax, Bry and Kyle all riding in the back seat of the Polaris car.
Brax, Kyle, Bry and Jason enjoying some ice cream after the shoot.
Jason, Brax, Bry and Kyle.
Thanks 3M!
Thanks again Kyle!
Thanks again Jason!
Thanks for sharing UNRL!
Kyle’s good friend and former Irish teammate, Braxston Cave. We need to get a shot of both Brax’s.

Thanks Braxston!

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