Numbers Climbing!

Brax had a great day – maybe her best so far since this has all started. Her numbers are climbing which is very encouraging. Her WBC count finally took a big jump from 1.2 to 1.6 today (over 30% – huge!!), her ANC moved from 100 to 200 and her platelets moved from 215 to 336, which is perfect! (150-450 is Normal).

She’s ready to leave, but her team requires her ANC to be 400-500. We are hopeful that happens in the next couple days. Also, she needs to get her ANC to 750 to start her next round of IV chemo. The team has said ANC recovery is different for everyone, but we are hoping she gets to where they need her sooner than later so we can keep moving forward with treatments.

Brax set her single day record for walking and biking with 17 laps on floor 5 (1 lap = .1 miles) and she did some walking around the hospital today as well. She’s feeling really good, looks really good and is ready to go home as soon as they let her.

Thanks to Michelle and Sadie for stopping in to say hi today!

Also, Coach Fleck and his wife Heather asked if they could come by again to visit this Tuesday, so Brax is very excited for that.

Brax making her way thru the cafeteria today – looking good!

New Month & American Cup & Northern Lights

WOW – already March! February was a blur for Team Brax but everyone is doing great after our news yesterday. Brax is doing great. We are just waiting on numbers to come up now and they will let us leave. Once we get home, we should be home for the next phase of treatments unless Brax has a fever or gets sick.

This weekend is also a big one for Grace and all of TCT. We are wishing Grace the very best at the American Cup this Saturday in Greensboro, NC. We will be watching and cheering – we know you will KILL it! And, TCT is hosting one of their two big yearly events, Northern Lights Classic, at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Good luck EVERYONE!

Have a great weekend!

Brax celebrating the end of February and welcoming in March (on her wheels!!)
Grace sporting her bracelet Brax made.
And hanging out on Team USA bag when not being worn – Brax is pretty proud!
Good Luck Grace!!
TCT Meets

BIG WIN!!!!!!!!

We got AWESOME news today! There was NO Leukemia found in Brax’s bone marrow!

We couldn’t be happier. There still were a few blasts in Brax’s CSF, but these results were from last week’s treatment, as they draw fluid for testing while they are doing the current treatment. She had the big IT Triple treatment yesterday and the doctor’s are not all that concerned about the small amount in her CSF – they need it gone, but are very confident it will be anytime now. Dr. Sadak said the “factory” (aka bone marrow) where this was coming from is no longer making it and they expect the CSF to be clean soon (maybe already is!!).

Brax’s BIG3 numbers are continuing to climb as well (WBC, ANC & Platelets). Her platelets are actually back into the normal range today – YAY!! Her WBC and ANC are still low, but her ANC actually rose from 100 to 200 today. We need that to be 500 to go home and 750 to start her next round of chemo. We are hopeful these will start coming up soon now. We think they will still proceed with her IT chemo this coming week even if they don’t start her next IV chemo treatments.

We can’t thank our army of support enough for all the prayers and encouragement. Things are definitely moving in the right direction and today’s results are HUGE!

Brax playing on cousin Kellie’s phone!